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Modern life is stressful. Regular meditation is not always easy. Listen and let go of stress and worry more easily during a Soundwave Meditation.


Deep relaxation helps you to focus your mind in the present, overcome mental blocks or obstacles and restore clearer, more positive thought patterns.


The busy world is full of vibrations which affect your energy. Good vibrations keep your energy in balance and boost your mood. We increase good vibrations.

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Some words from people who have tried Soundwave Meditation

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- Katie from Henley, UK

It wasn't what I expected - but I'm not sure I knew what to expect! We tried the cloud beats track list. The session was deeply relaxing - I lost track of time. 45 minutes felt like 15. I have never managed to meditate for that long before. Recommended!

- Katie from Henley, UK -
- Brian from Henley, UK

I was honestly a little skeptical before the session because I have struggled with meditation - but the headphones and music made it easier to focus on letting go. I appreciated the introduction before so I knew what to expect. Good equipment, GREAT music mix and I liked the essential oils. All in all, a very relaxing thing to do.

- Brian from Henley, UK -
- Jenn from Brighton, UK

I have never seen techno and meditation even mentioned in the same sentence so to be able to choose a techno mix was quite unreal for me - paired with the reflexology massage it was mindblowing. I was dreaming but I was awake. Thank you Steven!

- Jenn from Brighton, UK -
- Andrew from London, UK

I recommend soundwave meditation to people who find it hard to meditate in the usual way of sitting with crossed legs and closed eyes. I had been frustrated before with trying to "clear" my mind during meditation so it was good to hear in the intro that this isn't necessarily the goal. Without that in the back of my mind I found it easier to relax - I think I may have been asleep for part of the meditation so was glad about the noise cancelling headphones just in case I was snoring and disturbing the others. That has happened before after yoga! I really enjoyed this meditation, it was very, very relaxing.

- Andrew from London, UK -
- Ede from Vancouver, Canada

This was a new one for me, and having tried two sessions back to back after enjoying the first one so much I am a convert! The different styles of music influence your mood, and with the reflexology massage I was definitely more "awake" although the music was higher tempo as well during that session. House music, strong female vocals!

- Ede from Vancouver, Canada -

About the creator of Soundwave Meditation

After a decade spent running e-commerce and digital marketing businesses in Europe and North America, Steven escaped high-stress city life, stepped away from the computer and began to study yoga and meditation in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. After a life-changing sound immersion meditation in the mountains in Oregon, USA, he began to experiment with combining sound therapy, reflexology massage, ayurveda and yoga into the deep relaxation techniques which form the core of Soundwave Meditation. After a period spent running a restaurant business in Southeast Asia, Steven now teaches in Korea, and spends his free time climbing, balancing on things and playing around with synthesizers.

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