August 26, 2019

What happens during a Soundwave Meditation?

The central idea behind Soundwave Meditations is to provide a comfortable and quiet environment where participants can relax fully and let undisturbed waves of sound wash over them, as they enter into a state between sleep and wakefulness. This is a broad description – Soundwave Meditations can take the form of a one-on-one session where a participant lies down on comfortable mats and cushions and receives a reflexology massage on their hands or head which happens at a tempo similar to that of the sounds they are listening to. Or it can be in a group setting where several people join together in the same space to experience the same healing soundwaves as each other, bringing feelings of togetherness along with individual awakening through meditation. 

This latter group-oriented description is usually the form that more traditional sound baths take, using gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal chakra bowls and other healing instruments like tuning forks and crystal triangles to produce soundwaves. Soundwave Meditation sessions sometimes incorporate these instruments at the beginning or end of a session, but largely we prefer to use top of the range, very comfortable Bose noise-canceling headphones for the simple reason that when the ears and brain enter a tuned-in state that is fully receptive to sound, small things like the sound of a car horn outside or a person coughing can upset the delicate meditative state, which feels like being woken during a wonderful dream, or like when someone starts loudly eating popcorn in the cinema when you are fully immersed in the movie. Noise-canceling headphones minimize these distractions, allowing the sound to work its magic and the brain to focus. 

Soundwave Meditation sessions usually last for around 45 minutes to one hour but can last longer, especially for one-on-one sessions involving a reflexology massage. It’s usually a good idea to put aside an hour and a half for a session, and it’s best not to book anything stressful for immediately afterwards, because you will likely feel very relaxed.

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