August 26, 2019

What is the goal of Soundwave Meditation?

The general aim during a Soundwave Meditation is to let go, enjoy yourself, be comfortable and relax, without any specific goal – not trying to focus on meditation and not intentionally trying to totally clear your mind of all thought. If we try to do that we end up disappointed because as we all know our minds do not just stop thinking when we tell them to. Instead, as you are relaxing and a thought comes into your head, or when you notice your mind has drifted, don’t be upset about it, just acknowledge that the thought is there and bring your attention back to the sound happening around you. Take a deep breath and when you next exhale, try to let the thought go as you let your breath go. That’s if you want to let the thought go. People experience different things during and after Soundwave Meditations, from feelings of deep relaxation to feelings of profound mental clarity. They are powerful experiences, and can bring up memories, help you plan, and help you to energise your thought processes. People have been known to have business revelations during them, solve relationship problems and accept memories for what they are. 

There is no single reaction to a Soundwave Meditation. During the process you might feel vibrations and a sense of transcendence. You may sink into a meditative state, or experience an emotional release. You might cry and you might laugh. You might get irritated. You might relax so much that you fall asleep and dream. Creative insights or solutions to problems might pop into your head. You may see colors or hallucinations. Some people report sensing, or communicating with, the spirit world, the unborn, or the dead. Whatever your experience is, it’s all good. Let your feelings arise and then let them go. After your Soundwave Meditation your instructor will be there to talk with you about your experiences, if you wish to.

Keep in mind that just as each person experiences Soundwave Meditation differently, each Soundwave Meditation session may be different for you than the last one. Unlike yoga it is not a practice that becomes easier the more times you do it, and you will often have different results because you will usually have different things happening in your life, sometimes things that are more stressful than others. All of this informs and influences your experience.

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