August 26, 2019

What sound waves will I hear during the meditation?

The music played during a Soundwave Meditation session is not necessarily slow, and might not be the kind of music usually associated with “traditional meditation”. But this is not tradional meditation and nor does it pretend to be. Since different people respond and relax to different vibrational frequencies, different genres and tempos are helpful for making the body and brain respond differently. Higher tempo rhythms can sometimes focus the mind better than slow music that lets the mind wander. You may have a preference for the kind of sounds you want to hear, or you may leave it up to your instructor to choose for you. Most people will hear music they have never heard before during a session, and occasionally some familar music too. 

There are many mixes available. If you love electronic music you could try an EDM Energy Meditation mix, or if you love reggae then the World Reggae Sounds mix might be more your style. Techno lovers are often suprised to find the Minimal Tech House mix since techno is more often found in clubs than shalas, but the regular beat and melodic elements can be very helpful in putting fans of faster electronic music into a trance-like state. 

People sometimes ask why there is more of a focus on electronic music, whether fast or slow. The answer is in the regularity of the beat. Much like how a crystal chakra bowl in a tradional sound bath resonates with a steady sound, the steady computerised rythms of electronic music are useful for putting thought processes into a more relaxed state.

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