August 26, 2019

Why and how do Soundwave Meditations work?

Many people find it difficult to meditate sitting upright, alone and in silence. If your mind is busy it can easily take over a silent space, filling your head with thoughts which can reduce the effectiveness of meditation, or worse, making you wonder if you are even meditating at all, leading to frustration. Soundwaves help you focus. For thousands of years humans have used singing, chanting and music in ritual and meditation. A big part of the reason for why these soundwaves are so helpful in meditation is that when you are listening to a song, your goal is not to get to the end of it – but to enjoy it in the PRESENT moment, as it is happening, as your ears are taking in the vibrations and the astonishing biology of your nervous system translates these soundwaves into something that your brain can interpret. Remember that the present, right now, is the ONLY moment where life happens. The past is gone. The future does not exist. The present is all that matters. Music helps us appreciate that present moment, and music without distractions even more so.

Beyond this, it is not clearly known why sound has such a powerful effect on us, but we know that it does. Scientific studies have shown that music calms the nerves before surgery as well as a chemical sedative does. Music has helped to unlock memories and improve the lives of people suffering with dementia. Recently it has even been found that cats have a special type of purr to self-heal their muscles and bones, and that the low frequency soundwave vibrations their purring produces can even therapeutically benefit nearby humans. Most of us will have experienced the strange power of higher tempo music in the gym for helping us to run faster and longer.

Just as listening to music in the gym can help to distract you from the physical task of exercising, which makes it easier, having music playing during a meditation can distract you from the physical task of “trying” to meditate, which makes it easier to do so. When this is combined with something very relaxing, like a reflexology massage, the effects are even more powerful.

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